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Social Media Recap- November

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Bridget Meyers

The year is quickly coming to a close and our favorite social media platforms are pushing out their final edits before the new year. Check out everything that happened in November!

Snapchat Adds Two New Ad Options to Boost Revenue Potential

In continuing attempts to increase their revenue potential, Snapchat has released two new ad formats. The first is “Promoted Stories,” which are pretty self-explanatory; these stories will appear on the stories screen for users.

Below is an example from Beats. Up to ten photos and videos can be added to the promoted stories, which will appear on the screens of users within a given country.

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The second new format is “AR Trial Ads,” which will give users the ability to place 3D products onto real world scenes. The new AR trial ads are similar to the world lenses that Snapchat launched earlier in the year in that they give users the power to re-size images, change colors and then pin objects to a spot. The new ad format is designed to allow users to place images and get an understanding of what the object looks like in a variety of environments.

Instagram Adds Live Requests, Providing New Options for Live Guests

Instagram is embracing the idea of the more the merrier with their new feature that allows users to request to join a live stream that is in progress. There will be a new button in the comments sections of a live stream that will give users the option of requesting to join the steam. Once your request is accepted, you will be given a moment to prepare and then the screen will split to show all streamers.

Facebook’s Rolling Out 4k Images in Messenger

In response to the increasing trend of visual communication Facebook is upgrading the quality of pictures that users send via Messenger. Starting last week, users will now be able to send and review photos at 4k resolution, or up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image. After receiving feedback from users, Facebook updated the app to support the highest quality image of most smartphones.

Facebook Launches Collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

In the constant race of which app can corner the market in “Stories” features, Facebook has released a new update that will allow users of Facebook Groups and Events to contribute to a story that will be visible to the rest of the members and can be moderated by the group or event admins.

Pinterest Launches New Way to Organize Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest has finally given us a new way to organize our pin boards! The new feature called board sections will allow users to make sub sections in their boards. Now you can have a one-stop shop when looking at all the ideas you have saved for a new apartment and then click into the section for each room. Happy pinning!

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