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Chrome Extensions All Digital Marketers Need

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Kelly Flanagan

Google Chrome extensions are a digital marketers BFF. Curating a digital toolbelt custom to your needs is just part of the job! Here are a few of our favorites to get you on the extension bandwagon:

Emoji keyboard: Insert emojis at the drop of a hat while in any comment thread or while planning content. This is a must have!

Giphy: If you’re not using gifs, we have one thing to say to you:


Auto Refresh: While monitoring Facebook ads or a hashtag on Twitter, the auto refresh extension will keep your feeds up-to-date with the latest info.

Facebook Pixel Helper: This extension is awesome because it allows users to see which Facebook pixels are on a website. This is useful when creating Facebook ads because it ensures that your ad is driving traffic to the correct landing page. This tool shortens and customizes URLs for digital marketers. It is also perfect for tracking social media campaigns across all platforms!

LastPass: When managing a few Twitter accounts, a couple Facebook pages, YouTube channels and more, keeping all of your passwords secure and easily accessible is important! This extension does just that, and frees up brainspace to keep other useless information in.

There are plenty more extensions for keeping organized and quickly accessing digital tools and resources. If you’re not already using Chrome extensions, we promise these few tools will save you oodles of time! Browse the Google Chrome Web Store here.

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