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Social Media Recap- March

Kristin Dyak

Kristin Dyak

social media Although Cambridge Analytica stole most of the digital industry headlines this month, we still had a few exciting changes to the primary social media platforms that we wanted to highlight. The big social media update was a direct response to user feedback (we’re looking at you Instagram!). Here’s what happened in March:


  • Regain control of your Instagram feed! Stay up-to-date on the most recent content that your friends are posting now that Instagram is ensuring newer posts will appear first in feed by switching back to a chronological feed. You will also have the ability to update your feed with a “New Posts” button that lets you choose when you want to refresh instead of it happening automatically.
  • Your Instagram bio can now include hyperlinks to your favorite hashtag or user. This gives marketing campaigns a significant advantage when promoting a specific hashtag or featuring an influencer. Add the branded hashtag and influencer’s handle in your bio to keep campaign awareness top and center.

FacebookMessenger now allows you to grant administrative rights to your group conversations. The users granted admin privileges gain control of the chat by adding and removing members and promoting and demoting users with admin privileges of their own.

YouTube – Updates to YouTube’s Creator Studio allows greater insight into posted video content. New metrics include impressions, click-through rate and unique views. In addition to expanding the analytics, a new dashboard will now provide a snapshot of your latest upload, personalized recommendations and instant access to news.

Platforms are still striving to make each network more user-friendly and appeal to the general public and marketing industry alike. It’s reassuring to see changes that are based on user feedback and to know that the social media networks value this type of pushback.

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