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Features We’d Like to See on Social Media Platforms

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Bridget Meyers

We love social media. It’s awesome and makes things super easy to accomplish from a marketing and advertising perspective. However, as deep as our love goes, there are some things we’d still love to see added to their features.

This will be an obvious one, but they haven’t listened to the people! Twitter, please for the love of 280 character conversations, give us an edit button! As someone who makes their living through tweeting and who makes the occasional typo, an edit button would be really super cool!!! Heck, even celebrities are calling you out!


Instagram, our dear photo sharing platform. You helped popularize hashtags and make it supper easy to find pictures of #ChocolateLabs to cheer us up. But, if we, the collective we of all social media users, could ask for one more feature we’d be the happiest posters ever. How does a trending hashtags section sound?? We know Twitter has it but, as the other hashtag inclusive platform we think it could lead to great things.

Facebook, your constant effort to combat fake news is honorable. We appreciate your dedication to making sure we receive correct information we can rely on. “Fake” buttons might help make your jobs of flagging content a bit easier. Say there was a certain number of “fakes” a post had to reach before your team is pinged to review it and bam, we have helped you sort through fake news and got it off our timelines.

LinkedIn, the serious older sibling of the social media platform family. We’d love to see you ditch something. The dreaded notification that someone has viewed our profile. It’s weird. It more than likely deters people from exploring the platform and finding connections or trying to do more research on a potential place of employment. Let’s add in a bit of anonymity and see what happens.

So that’s the end of our rant. We still love you social media and we will still use you every day, but we’d be lying if we said there weren’t some features and improvements to be made.

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