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Our Favorite World Cup Twitter Accounts of 2018

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Kelly Flanagan

The FIFA World Cup only comes around once every four years, and although the USA isn’t playing, our office is hooked! As if watching up to three games a day isn’t enough, we’re also following along on Twitter. For inspiration to help keep content fresh and creative, here are the Twitter accounts we think are really scoring with their World Cup content:

@FIFAWorldCup: This is the official Twitter account for the World Cup and a total given to be following during the World Cup. This account posts live updates, announcements and stats for every game.

@TifoFootball_: This account really demonstrates the art of the game! They provide an illustrated analysis of football matches, game previews and industry news. Their video recaps are particularly impressive!

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@FootyHumour: This is the meme account soccer fans have always wanted. Footy Humour doesn’t take any player or situation too seriously, and that’s why we love them! From cats to Ronaldo to fans, no one is off limits. Follow this account to get some comic relief from a tense match.

@CheapPanini: Panini is known for releasing stickers depicting World Cup players and memorabilia every four years, yet this “artistically challenged duo” decided to take matters into their own hands. This account reveals custom illustrations of World Cup players, logos and more, every day. While the people they are depicting might not love their work, they have a cult following who can’t get enough of it!

Keeping these creative accounts in mind, we cannot wait to see how the rest of the World Cup unfolds. To learn more about what we think about World Cup advertising, keep an eye on our Deep Ad Thoughts blog later this month!

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