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Develop Content That Brings Consumers to You

What online content do you read? Not just the stuff you glance at, what do you actually make time to sit and take in?

We asked our team that very question. What online content do you consistently read (whether it’s enewsletters, blogs, websites, etc.)? We got a ton of different answers from Adweek to Refinery29 to Disney. What was the common thread? Quality content. No matter the topic, if the content is worthwhile, we take the time to read, watch, browse, shop and even share.

We are particularly loving branded blogs like Williams-Sonoma’s Taste. They produce on brand content that is relevant to their consumers as well as interesting to read.  Content Marketing

Marketers have a huge opportunity to capture and hold the attention of consumer audiences simply by creating valuable, high quality content. It takes a big of extra effort to understand what type of content your target audience wants, and more importantly, how they want it. But it’s well worth the extra effort. Find out the topics your current and potential customers want to know, in what they’re interested. Test and learn whether they want to see pictures with short captions or brief but frequent blog posts. Once you do that, you don’t have to break through the advertising clutter to get to them, they’ll come to you.


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