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Facebook Gets Creative

So, Facebook had their 10 year anniversary this week, I am sure you have seen all of the Look Back videos (if you live under a rock you can check out your video here) but did you know that they also launched a new app called Paper?Facebook 10 Year Anniversary Look Back Videos

Paper is the first product out of Creative Labs which is a new department inside of Facebook. Paper, unlike the regular Facebook application, allows you to curate your own stories in a visually beautiful display. You see stories from your Facebook friends but you also get a chance to pick other topics that interest you. Anything from News to Entertainment to Cooking and more. Another bold feature from Paper is the lack of advertisements. For now, users can surf information that is important to them without being inundated with sponsored posts.

I gotta say, I’ve been using Paper since Tuesday, and I am quite taken with the experience. The browsing is effortless and intuitive, and it is great to get all of the news and updates I am looking for in one application. I will definitely continue to use Paper.

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