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The Importance of Real Time Engagement

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In the age of instant gratification, it is no longer enough just to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, it’s all about real time engagement. Brands are now expected to be omnipresent online and always available to chat with their followers.

Here are the top reasons why real time engagement has become so important to brands online:

1. Build Relationships with Your Followers: Engaging with trending topics, answering questions and providing content beyond self-serving posts will make your account more personable. Captivate followers to ensure that they return to your brand’s social accounts for entertainment and information about your product.

2. Be an Accredited Source: Stay current with industry news and respond to related topics in a timely manner to become an accredited and trusted resource for your audience.

3. If You Wait, It Could Be Too Late: Once a follower has engaged with your brand online, keep the conversations going! Waiting too long to follow up to a message or trending topic can lead to your followers feeling neglected and your account obsolete.

4. Expand Brand Awareness: Boost brand awareness through inserting your brand into relevant online conversations. This can be done through using trending hashtags, engaging with other users, and stimulating conversation with polls or asking for feedback. When others “like” and “share” your posts, it will broaden the reach of that piece of content to a whole new audience network!

Real time engagement is a powerful tool to grow an audience and keep them coming back for more! While it takes dedication to keep up with, the pay off will be a loyal online following. To learn more about how we leverage real time engagement, check out our work here!

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