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Social Media Recap January 2018

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Bridget Meyers

We made it! The first month of 2018 is in the books. Give yourself a pat on the back. This month has been crazy for our favorite social media platforms. New updates, cross-platform advances and changes to beloved timelines. Buckle up because here is the full rundown!

Snapchat now lets users share their stories on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Whether or not you are totally excited about this feature, you have to admit it’s pretty awesome and adds a new level to the platform. Reports are saying advertisers aren’t that interested in the update, but we can’t wait to share our perfectly timed video with not only our Snapchat followers but those on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Instagram also updated their Stories feature

Ah, the constant battle of whose Stories is the best. In their latest effort for superiority, Instagram has added text stories and the ability to add gifs! We’re super excited for this feature so we can finally share our favorite gif of the moment with our followers or to just describe the current moment.

Instagram Update #2! You can schedule organic posts!

Every social media marketer lost their cool this week when it was announced that business accounts can now schedule organic posts! No more setting alarms on your phones or leaving numerous post-it reminders!social media

Facebook is threatening changes to your news feed

It feels like all month long we have been hearing various reports that the news feed layout and algorithm would be changing. We have received some guidance on what to expect with this change, like that the change will be bad news for publishers and brands, but we are still on the edge of our seats to see how it will actually look on our screens.

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