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June’s Social Media News, Updates and Trends!

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Kristin Dyak

June was a big month in the world of social media! Watch our recap of all things social that happened last month:

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“Hi I’m Kelly and I’m B. Welcome to this month’s edition of the social media recap where we discuss all the things happening in the world of social media. Here’s the good, bad and ugly that happened in June.

First we have an awesome update from LinkedIn. They’re releasing new carousel ads for sponsored content. This is similar to what we see on Facebook and Instagram in that the user will scroll to the right to see the new content. LinkedIn is pretty stoked after their beta testing because 75% of advertisers said that they would be using the new carousel ads in their next ad campaigns.

SnapChat launched “SnapKit” a developer platform. This will enable brands and publishers to connect their ads to SnapChat and access SnapChat tools without going into the app itself. There are four main elements: CreativeKit, LoginKit, BitmojiKit and StoryKit.

Facebook launched 3D 180 video. This is a huge step towards virtual reality on social media. And if it goes well, Facebook is planning on investing $3 billion into more virtual reality tools.

So that’s it for today! If you like what you see, and more importantly, like what you hear, follow our many social platforms [links ⬇️]. And be in the know, and never miss an exciting episode.”

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Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

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