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Humanizing content on LinkedIn for financial institutions

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While LinkedIn is more of a professional networking space, it’s important to have a humanized tone to your company’s content in order to keep your audience engaged. It’s easy to create a stiffer persona on this platform but what people really want is content that’s digestible and relatable. Read on for some tips on how to humanize your LinkedIn content.

Show faces:

Since we can’t be face to face as much these days, it’s crucial to show some faces on your LinkedIn page. Whether it’s employee spotlights, team photos, or customer appreciation posts, showing smiling faces will not only stop people in their scrolling tracks but will prompt them to comment on or even “like” the photo. 

Easy ways to incorporate more faces:

  • Zoom meeting screenshots
  • Employee of the week features
  • Participate in national days and holidays sharing employee activities and photos
  • Feature customer success stories

Break it down:

Your initial thought process when creating content for LinkedIn might be to lead with numbers, which is fine to do every now and then, but there are so many ways to make this content more snackable and less of a snooze. Looking to share that annual report? Pick out a section that directly relates to your customers and turn those stats into a simple graphic that will show all of your most important points. Users are more likely to look at a graphic than they are to click on a link to go view a report that could be over 50 pages of information that might not be relevant to them. Another innovative idea is to use a pull quote in a graphic from your report that states something significant in order to lure the user into actually wanting to read your report or learn more about it. Not every LinkedIn post has to be super high level, so take some time to break it down and think about what your customers and followers actually want to see from you.

Stick to your brand voice:

Having a brand voice is especially significant on social media. Is your financial institution focused on finding more customers? Telling success stories? Providing advice? Sharing company wins? Keeping that brand voice consistent throughout your LinkedIn posts is a simple way to humanize your content for the average person to always come back to and immediately understand clearly who you are and what you do. A financial institution should always be talking finance, so be sure you’re giving your readers what they would expect to see from you while also staying unique. 

Humanizing your LinkedIn content may seem like a daunting task, but your readers, followers, and customers are worth it. If they come to your page and learn something new about the finance industry or your company, then you are doing something right.

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