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4 Ways Businesses Can Boost Their Instagram Story Engagement

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With the always rising popularity of video content, Instagram Stories has become a useful tool for many to create their own original short videos. Did you know there are over 500 million active daily Instagram Stories users? It’s now easier than ever to connect with your followers with different and unique content. We’ve compiled four ways to ensure positive engagement on your Instagram Stories.

Utilize the features:

Instagram provides several free features that allow you to customize your content in a variety of ways. Instead of just posting a plain picture with text, try to think outside of the box and provide calls to action and a way for your followers to feel more engaged or inspired. Spice up your daily stories with various formats like:

  • Boomerang: A quick video that repeats.
  • Polls: Let your followers make the decision! 
  • Questions: Ask any question you want and use the answers to create more story content
  • Music: Include music in your stories to set the tone
  • Layout: A variety of options for showcasing multiple photos

Personalize your content:

There are several ways to personalize your content so it stands out among the rest. In such saturated markets, branding is everything. So, go ahead and put your mark on all of your Instagram Story creations. 

  • Use a specific border, filter, or edit everytime you post a story
  • Include your brand/company logo on each story for more brand awareness
  • Create your own Instagram story highlights icons and labels to further organize your story content for your followers to browse whenever they please.

Show yourself:

It’s no surprise that showing your face in your Instagram Stories puts a more personal touch on the content you create. Not only do people feel like they are more connected to you, but they will keep coming back for more if they like what you’re saying. When promoting products or services, showing your face or your team is a simple way to appear more genuine and real. Make sure you have proper lighting and don’t be afraid to talk to the camera!

Stay consistent:

When creating content it’s important to stay consistent with what you’re sharing. Designating certain days to certain topics or types of content is an easy way to keep people coming back to your page for more. Look to your brand/company and what kind of services/products you offer for inspiration on what you should be promoting/pushing out on social media. 

For example: Own a clothing brand? Dedicate one day a week to showing off your new arrivals with quick video clips and product photos.  

Work in marketing? Talk straight to the camera and provide helpful job insights/tips for your followers who might be looking to break into the industry. 

Manage a restaurant? Feature one menu item per day and describe how it’s made, where the ingredients are sourced from, how it looks when it’s finished, etc.

Get creative in order to make an online community instead of just an online profile. Curated content will only boost your brand in the long run.

Instagram Stories is free! So make sure you utilize this amazing tool to show off your brand/company in new ways that are engaging, innovative, and fun. 

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