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HashtagsEverybody loves a good hashtag. For both young and old, hashtags are a fun way to add side notes to your posts on social platforms. For marketers though, hashtags are much more than just a witty comment or extra side note. If used correctly as a marketing tool, hashtags can be used to really drive home the brand or campaign message. A hashtag for a brand mimicks a tagline in that it is a sticky and memorable phrase that reinforces the brand or ad message.

Unlike just a regular tagline, effective hashtags will build more than that brand recognition and loyalty. They can be a great way to build powerful and positive online buzz and word-of-mouth on the ever-so-trending social platforms; Twitter, Intagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

While hashtags can be a great tool, they cannot live on their own. In order to get conversations started and effectively build awareness, hashtags work best in an integrated marketing campaign with other marketing vehicles like TV and Print ads. Hashtags can serve as a way to garner contest entries, connect an ad concept with online buzz and conversations, or simply add some branded spunk to your campaign content.

So next time you go to add a hashtag, take some time to think about the strategy behind it and give your campaign a buzz worthy advantage.

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