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Facebook-itis and Twitter-itis

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Now we aren’t epidemiologists, but we have certainly noticed a trend with business owners and marketers trying to enter the realm of social media; Facebook-itis and Twitter-itis. These serious afflictions leave victims obsessed with the two most popular social networking sites, and prevent the victim from receiving and interpreting proven advice on other tactics that ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH their respective marketing objectives.

It is extremely urgent that you get these people help IMMEDIATELY. This condition can cause blatant disregard of proven marketing tactics, and an uncanny disregard for measurable client objectives.

Luckily, here at The Cyphers Agency, we’ve got a cure. It’s a five step program with a 100% success rate.

1. Meet with client to discuss situation and marketing goals/objectives.
2. Complete a situation analysis, taking into account (among other things) audience participation, audience sentiment, competitor positioning, and search engine optimization.
3. In conjunction with client, develop a campaign (based on RESEARCH and OBJECTIVES!)
4. Implement campaign.
5. Track results monthly, make adjustments as necessary.

Here in the Push-N-Pull department at The Cyphers Agency, we are tasked with finding the right tools and tactics that align with each of our client’s goals. We can create Facebook pages and perform lead generation via Twitter, but just because we can do those things, and because you heard on the news that Twitter is the next best thing, doesn’t mean that you should automatically flock to that tactic. We’ve been doing this for a while now, and have TONS of great tactics that can accomplish specific goals. Here are some other examples:

Meetups – is a really cool site where people meet up based on similar interests. There are tons of WOM possibilities, from sponsorship to partnership to events and more.

Flashmobs – Flashmobs are a great way to generate interest and just make people say “what the heck just happened?” We’ve got a series of top-secret flashmobs for one of our clients that will occur around the country next near. Stay tuned for details!

Blogger Outreach – This is like PR for the new generation. With newspaper sales declining steadily and blog readership consistently growing, blogger outreach might be the best tactic to gain awareness of your brand/product. It also helps with search engine optimization.

Social Network and Forum Outreach – There is a community somewhere online that is talking about your industry. You should at least find and listen to the conversation, and possibly enter the conversation and engage the community. We can do this for you, we can teach you how, or we can encourage your most loyal customers to do it for you.

Blog creation and writing – Blogs are great for a bunch of reasons. Actually, they can accomplish so many objectives that it would take too long to go into it here, but suffice to say, blogs are one of our reliable tools at The Cyphers Agency.

Multimedia Push – Do you have lots of video, photo, or audio content? Old commercials lying around? We know how to re-purpose your material and get it out on the web for your audience to see. Best of all, we know how to brand your online presence, tag and title your content for search engine optimization.

Reputation management – Are people writing negative reviews about your business online? Do you wish you could increase your positive reviews in a legal and ethical way? We know how, and have great results from other clients that we would love to show you.

And just remember – these are just word of mouth tactics! We’re a full service agency for a reason! (In case you were wondering, that reason is so that we can do everything that a client might need, not JUST social media, or JUST a billboard. Because effective campaigns are integrated and multi-faceted.)

Ok, I’m sure you’ve had enough of my caps-lock emphases. Let us know if you’ve got Facebook-itis or Twitter-itis. We’ve got the cure.

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