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We thought we would take this opportunity to show you why we’re awesome (and modest too!). If you are engaging your audiences correctly, your “Entrance Sources” in Google Analytics should look something like this:

Why, you ask? Because if you are giving people valuable information on social networks (like how to read Google analytics, wink wink), they should naturally be clicking through to your website to find out more. In our case, social networks are responsible for 3 of our top 5 entrance sources. Yay!

So what do we do with this information (besides pull out the champagne)? In our case, Twitter and LinkedIn are the social networks giving us the most traffic, so we want to make sure and focus on those networks. We want to tailor our content to those audiences, and specifically engage in those arenas. We shouldn’t worry too much about Facebook, because that doesn’t seem to be where our target audience is interacting.

Make sense? If you have any questions about how to get Google Analytics set up, how to read your results, or how to engage your audiences, just let us know in the comments (or if you are more old-skool, you can always just throw us a line)

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