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Want to increase web traffic through social networking sites? You just experienced one way – a Facebook ad.

(didn’t get here by clicking a facebook ad? Click here for explanation)

These ads are great because they are:

– Easy to create

– Relatively cheap

– Targeted by geography, demographics, and keywords in Facebook profile. (To reach YOU, we targeted our ad to people with words like “social media, social networking, word of mouth, word of mouth marketing, advertising, web traffic,” and a few other phrases.)

But Facebook ads aren’t just a quick fix. You should have compelling ad copy, a pertinent picture, and a site that actually delivers on your promise. More importantly, it should be part of your overall marketing strategy, and not just something you decided to do late on a Tuesday night.

Part of our marketing strategy is to give our audience tips on how to use social networking to their own benefit. Why give it away for free? Because we want to prove we are the experts, we want you to come back to our site, and we want to give you a reason to listen to our communication. Because sometimes we blatantly promote ourselves, and if it was the only communication we had with our audience, nobody would ever come back, because who wants to hear that?

Speaking of communication, what do you think of this blog post? Did you learn anything? Tell us what YOU want to learn more about and we will do our best to help you out!

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