5 Best Creative Mobile Apps for Social Media

Click, filter and post has become a common routine for capturing life’s precious, and not so precious moments. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are the largest social media platforms to share photos and videos, but the pressure is on to post vibrant, engaging and likable media to all outlets for both marketers and the personal user alike.

Here are the top 5 creative mobile apps that enhance your images and videos before you share them with the world:

Vsco – Edit your photos like a professional. Vsco is also an exclusive social network where you can share your top-shelf images with other photographers that have an eye for captures and look to advance their editing skills. The $19.99/year membership fee is well worth it if you’re looking to fuel your photography passion.


Boomerang – Everyone loves a good boomerang! This simple yet captivating video effect has become a staple in the social media users’ content arsenal.


ClipsCut together several video clips to showcase and edit your videos. You can also add filters, labels, stickers and emojis to the final production. Don’t forget to jazz it up with free music from their library.


CreateCreate your own graphics, logos, stickers and even Snapchat Geofilters from scratch using Create. This app provides a deeper dive into editing tools and graphic capabilities.

SwipeablePost a panoramic or 360-degree photo on Instagram by turning it into a carousel of images.


Simply posting raw footage is a thing of the past. Whether or not you have an eye for the perfect capture, these tools (among many others) can help take your media assets, and with that social accounts, to the next level.

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