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3 Tips on How to Capitalize on Social Media Trends to Generate Donations

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Kayley Nagle

In a world of heightened digital communication, it is important for nonprofits to capitalize on social media trends to generate donations. Social media is a one-stop-shop for elevating your voice and demanding the attention of an audience. Look no further than your computer screen, and dive into these 3 tips on how to raise money on social media. 

  1. Utilize Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to spread awareness on social media, as they link your message to user’s feeds across the world. And the best news is, they are right at your fingertips. For example when on Twitter, simply click on the search button, and then click the “trending” section at the top. Here, you will find dozens of trending hashtags, many of which can be used to create content for generating donations. Hashtags are often speaking a universal language, and easily translate from platform to platform. If there is a trending hashtag on Twitter, it is likely that it will be popular on Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms as well.

Tip: On any given day, you will find that #MondayMotivation or any other day with #motivation attached is trending on both Twitter and Instagram. These hashtags are immensely popular and your nonprofit should take advantage of them by creating content that motivates users to donate to their organization. 

2. Make the Most of National Days

In this day in age, there is a National Day for almost every occasion. National Days are a great donation tool because the days are universally celebrated across social media, and are usually paired with a matching hashtag. Nonprofit organizations should use certain National Days as an opportunity to bring awareness to their work, and ask their fellow celebrators for donations. A great example of this is #GivingTuesday, a worldwide social media trend that nonprofits participate in each year to spotlight their organization and ask their users to donate. 

Tip: Not sure how to find a National Day that matches your nonprofit? Check out the National Day Calendar to explore all the topics at your disposal to help get your donations in motion. 

3. Tap Into Donation Features 

As social media platforms begin to cater more to small businesses and nonprofits, they have created in-depth tools that are useful for generating donations. Social media is the way we connect to one another, and the platforms have made it easier than ever to allow nonprofits the support they need. For example, on your nonprofits Facebook page, you can add a “donate” button at the top of your profile, allowing your audience direct access to your donation resource. Both Instagram and TikTok, also have similar features where nonprofits can register their organization on the platform and add a “donate” button to the top of their profile. 

Tip: There is no shame in promoting your nonprofit! Let your users know you have generated these donation tools on your platforms by posting on your Instagram Story, making a TikTok, or writing a Facebook update that lets audiences know you are now accepting donations. 

Now, you have the tips and tools your nonprofit needs to capitalize on social media trends to generate donations. In this time of uncertainty, creating resources and opportunities for your organization is important, and implementing these tips will help your nonprofit thrive. 

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