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Social Media in the News – June

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Kellie Elmerraji

Social Media NewsSummer is here and the weather is hot. A lot of people are in vacation mode, but social media executives did not get the memo. This month was full of updates and product rollouts. But don’t let this stop you from relaxing; we’re here to make life easy by summing it all up for you!

Twitter’s new character limit: Good news! In July, you will be able to send much longer direct messages on Twitter. The character limit for regular tweets will remain in place.

Twitter launches Autoplay videos: Native videos, GIFs and Vines will begin to autoplay in timelines and across Twitter. They will appear larger and will autoplay on mute when users see them on their timelines. Clicking on the video will put it in full-screen mode and add sound. Users can still retweet, comment or indicate they like the video at any point.

Twitter’s updated ad capabilities: The new tool, which is available now to advertisers, is officially called “installed app category targeting.” The goal is to allow marketers to target their ads specifically to users who have previously installed similar apps.

Facebook takes into account time spent on stories: Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm to factor in how much time you spend on each post, which in turn will decide the posts you are likely to see during subsequent Facebook sessions.

Instagram ads 2.0: Instagram is giving advertisers much more powerful tools. Those include “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, and “Sign up” buttons, interest and demographic targeting, and an API for efficiently managing huge campaigns.

Pinterest adds “Buyable” Pins:  Pinterest officially announced “Buyable” Pins, a button that lets users buy products displayed on the social network’s mobile app.

Pinterest is adding verified accounts: Verified users will see red check marks next to their names on their profiles; that way, you can be sure you’re not looking at a fake brand account. Pinterest is working with select brands for verification, but is not accepting applications to be verified right now. Also, users will see trending topics when they search, and after performing a search, all the results will be shown instead of them being separated by pins, pinners and boards.

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