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Power of a brand in the digital age.

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We often talk about the power of a brand. No matter what industry, if you can create a strong identity, connect with your target audience and stay true to that brand, you can accomplish anything. The best brands are always the ones that are in tune with what makes them unique and they stand behind that in everything they do. Case in point: General Knot & Co.

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Andrew and Ann started General Knot & Co. in 2010 when they left the corporate fashion world to make a mark of their own. General Knot offers limited edition, handmade ties that made from rare and vintage fabrics. They have no retail store of their own, they do not have millions of dollars in their marketing budget, and they have no celebrity spokesperson. And yet they have a massive following of extremely loyal customers. Why? How? How did they create such success in the highly competitive men’s fashion industry? Amidst, billion-dollar behemoth brands, tons of online start ups, and the growing sea of Etsy shops.

It’s simple really. They have combined the power of their brand with the impact of digital marketing. The real power of the General Knot & Co. brand lies in their unique selling proposition: they provide one-of-a-kind ties that are made as limited edition products, never to be repeated again. Since their neckwear is made from rare and vintage fabrics, there’s only a small quantity of ties that are made from each lot. So once they’re gone, they’re gone. This exclusivity creates a frenzy among their customers as new products come out. They carry that brand experience right through to the packaging of the ties. Each tie comes with a “1 of 12” tag so customers know they’re one of just a handful of tie-loving folks in the country with that particular tie.

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General Knot leverages the exclusive nature of their beautiful products in everything they do. They create engaging content and share it with their customers through emails, on their website, blog and across their social media platforms. They share news about rare fabrics they’ve obtained; post teaser images of new products that are coming soon, announce new collections and share behind the scenes information with fans. And they do it all while staying true to who they are – a brand that is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind products that are beautifully designed and crafted right here in the US. They’re not spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns; they’re making genuine connections with their customers. It’s not a wonder their customers are so fiercely loyal.

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