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Recent Linkedin Updates Explained

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Our favorite social media sites have been changing a lot lately. First there were the Facebook updates, then twitter got a facelift, and now Linkedin is making a key change.


Last week, Linkedin announced that as of April 14, 2014 the “Products and Services” tab will no longer exist and will be replaced with “Showcase Pages.” Showcase pages are extensions of company pages and will allow businesses to go more in-depth with products and services they offer. In addition to allowing companies to expand their product sections, Showcase Pages allow follows to pick and choose what products and services they want to follow. This makes for a much cleaner user experience. Here are some highlights on what you can expect from Showcase Pages:

Showcase Page Details:

  • Extension of a company page, allow you to elaborate on a facet of your business.
  • Allow consumers to directly follow that product or service, giving you a more engaged community.
  • Clears up your follower’s feeds so they aren’t inundated with things they aren’t interested in.
Things to think about when making a page:
  • Make sure to optimize the body content in the page to allow for greater SEO.
  • Just like your regular company Linkedin page, you want to post regular, engaging content.
  • Continue to get more followers and grow your base.

All in all this is a good change that will help both businesses and consumers to have a better Linkedin experience. We are excited to see the changes first hand!

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