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Typefaces Explored – Font News and Links

“Letters do love one another. However, due to their anatomical differences, some letters have a hard time achieving intimacy.”

 -Ellen Lupton, Thinking with Type

We gathered together some news from the world of typography and few links to fonts and apps that we wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

Hoefler & Frere-Jones typography firm has become Hoefler & Co. since the recent separation of business partners Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones – Read about the dramatic split here.
Hoefler and CoHoefler and Co. introduces webfonts designed to look good on the web – Visit their website.

Typefaces to Peruse
See the new font Comic Neue – neue and thankfully better than the dreaded Comic Sans
Comic Neue

Explore the typefaces designed by Georg Salden on the fun What A Character website. Swipe around to view them.

Woodtype and Letterpress TypefacesLetterpress and woodtype are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Check out the fonts at

Figure Out the Font Apps
What the Font AppUse your mobile device to figure out what typeface was used on a webpage with this app What the Font?Get it here.
WhatFont is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to see what font is used on a website without looking just by clicking on the app in your toolbar and then hovering over the text. It even works on some images.

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