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Don’t Get Too Busy To Keep Up On Awesome

BUSY is a word that I seem to say at work every day. “Dude, I’m so busy.” “Seriously, I am going to be really busy this week.” “Sorry, I’m too busy.” “Tell them I’m busy.” “Busy, busy, busy…” “Wanna get busy?” Okay, not the last one, but you get the idea. Busyness permeates everything we do and trust me, I’m not complainin’, because it usually means I’m getting to do some cool work.

Don't get too busy to keep up on awesome. Still, inevitably I get so busy doing all that cool stuff that I get into too much of a routine, cranking out the urgent tasks at hand and solving all the unexpected problems that come our way. Routine is great for folks whose job is to put the same wheel on the same spoke over and over. Get it down pat and you are a productivity machine. But for us in Push-n-Pull, we’ve got to be creative, innovative, forward-thinking. With the pace of the digital marketing industry quickening more each day, we’ll get left behind if we’re not.

I’ll admit, sometimes I will let cobwebs gather on my Google Reader when I am just too busy to keep up with what’s going on in the industry. While one of things I love the most about my work is that it is always new and exciting, when you have a pile of specific tasks to be completed, mulling over ideas that are less tangible and pressing can seem almost indulgent.

But social media strategy isn’t like riding a bike. If I leave exploring the innovation of others and inspiring some of my own for another day, sooner or later the web 2.0 know-how that guides what I do day in and day out is going to get painfully outdated. My value as an online marketer is measured as much, if not more than, by my understanding and interpretation of the ever-changing digital realm as it is by my ability to complete my tasks.

The irony of this post, of course, is that the very thing I’m doing right now – blogging – is one of the indulgent things that it never seems like I have time to do. How meta. But while its easy to start drowning in all the bright shiny Next Big Things, it’s really about getting back to the basics of social media: Communication. Conversation. Finding new, effective ways of getting cozy with people where they like to hang out online and then saying, “Hey, here’s an idea…”

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