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A presidential race in the age of digital media

Picture of Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

As election preps ramp up in the coming weeks and Americans everywhere head to the polls, candidates’ digital branding efforts are proving to have an extremely influential effect on this year’s presidential race. Obama’s 2008 campaign was the first to truly embrace the implementation of digital media in great campaign strategy. Fast-forward four years and you will see that the presidential candidates’ Twitter followers and Facebook likes are in the millions. The nominees are also popping up on almost every digital media platform from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Reddit. Today, it’s just as much the norm to follow candidates on Twitter or Instagram as it is to watch the debate series on television.

Can we tell if the amount of likes, followers and Tweets will secure a solid win for the White House? Absolutely not. But, what we can pinpoint is that with these new avenues and platforms, candidates are making a greater effort to brand themselves with digital media and to connect with potential voters through those mediums. Utilizing new media also allows the presidential hopefuls to connect with younger voters, giving them platforms they are already skilled at using and calling for them to lead Twitter chats, Instagram trends and participate in Reddit threads.

Whatever result the polls produce on November 6th, this election year proves the importance of digital branding and the effectiveness of social media platforms in the overall campaign strategy. All of these efforts play into the mindset that if you see more of the candidate in his everyday life, you are more willing to trust, accept and connect with him, his values and his principles.  It’s a subtle way securing your vote that requires monumental effort. To run several digital media accounts under one campaign requires monumental coordination, round-the-clock supervision, humor and a bit of wit. It requires many highly skilled individuals who are talented at manipulating the internet and a lot of coffee.  Both parties employ an army of digital media specialists to ensure that all official digital media accounts are monitored and maintain sync with the overall campaign strategy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Much like the presidential race campaigns, we view social media strategy as one part of an overarching marketing campaign. We don’t create a Facebook page or Twitter account for a client just because it’s the cool thing to do; there must be a reason for us to create a presence on that platform. And just as the presidential candidates have a team of strategists monitoring conversations, engagement and are prepared to handle any communication crisis that might arise (ie #eastwooding), so do we. With a team of educated and well-versed social media professionals, we offer the same talent and innovation invested in your social media strategy and overall marketing campaign as a presidential staff. While we can’t guarantee you a seat in the White House, we can guarantee to provide the same dedication, commitment, creative development and implementation through the use of digital media.  My name is Ali Derr and I approve this message.


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