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4 Tips for Nonprofit Organizations When Creating a Compelling Instagram Photo

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It’s essential for nonprofit organizations to stand out on social media since there are more than 1.5 million registered in the United States. As the popularity of Instagram continues to rise, organizations and brands have started to use the platform more frequently for marketing purposes. But, do you know how to create and post a compelling photo as a nonprofit? We’ve compiled 4 tips to help get you started!

1. Introduce teams and new faces 

nonprofit organizations

Whether it be a selfie shot or even a funny group photo; Instagram users prefer seeing people. Keep people at the core of your feed to not only improve engagement but also appear more personal. Here are some ideas on how to add more people into your feed:

  • Introduce new hires with some personal and fun information about them. People love to celebrate new milestones and fresh faces.
  • Show your teams and what they do. Do you have a fun art department or a cool social media squad? Take the time to introduce your teams and explain how they contribute to your overall success.
  • Post people having fun. This could be anything from a group lunch outing to a fun morning meeting.

2. Brag about it!

nonprofit organizations

Showing off your success is especially relevant for nonprofit organizations in order to attract the attention of others who might be looking to contribute to your mission. Keep your finger on the pulse of PR and everything your team is doing to promote your organization. Remember to show all events and always be transparent about various numbers and dollar amounts. For example, show how many volunteers you have, how much money you’ve raised, how many people your organization has helped, and even yearly or monthly totals. Show your success on social media to further legitimize your cause and educate users on why this money is important, how it will be used, etc. These numbers can be reflected through colorful infographics and even group shots or live event photos. 

3. Incorporate a Call to Action

nonprofit organizations

A call to action (CTA) is designed to prompt an immediate action or response. Not only does it imply an action but brings more attention to the cause at hand. This CTA can translate over to your Instagram photos as well. Here are a couple of ways to incorporate a CTA into your daily feed:

  • Show the user exactly how to donate. This could be a simple snapshot of a hand physically handing money over to a volunteer or even a short video on how to donate via the organizations website or Instagram page. Using “link in bio” in the copy of your post is another easy way to include a CTA.
  • Using powerful language is key. Phrases like “Change a Life,” “Spark a Difference,” and “Donate Today” are short but strong in their meaning. This phrase can be edited right onto an Instagram photo while also being included into the copy below it.

4. Showcase the people you’ve helped

nonprofit organizations

It’s crucial for nonprofit organizations to include the people who have been positively impacted by their efforts. Showcase personal stories through a series of photos to clearly convey how your organization is shaping and changing lives. These photos will stand alone as your product and end goal. Input those images into your weekly social calendar; they can be a daily post or even on a specific day each week. 

Keep Instagram at the forefront of your mind as you look to boost engagement and visibility with compelling pictures and messages to go along with them.

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