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Tracking Urls: Analytics Best Friend

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No one needs convincing when it comes to the value of analytics in digital marketing. Of all the mediums, digital ads clearly have the most powerful tools to directly track your spend, analyze results and measure ROI. To use digital analytics to the full, make sure you’re using all the tracking mechanisms available to you. One super simple way to add to your analytics is to make sure you always use tracking urls.

No matter where you’re placing a click through link, be it an email, PPC ad or a banner ad, it shouldn’t look like this:

Click thru url:

It should look like this:

Click thru url:

They might not look pretty, but they’re easy to create, and they allow you the flexibility to go deeper into the data and get even more insights on the effectiveness of your campaign. Google even provides a step by step URL builder. Whether it’s a simply PPC campaign or a fully integrated digital campaign, tracking urls should be your best friend. You can make tracking urls to monitor landing page traffic, use them to compare A/B testing on creative, analyze the highest performing traffic sources, and even check social media posts against engagement.

Tracking urls are fast, easy and offer invaluable data insights. Just use them. End of story.

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