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elloIf you have been on the Internet in the last few weeks then you have probably heard of a new social media site called Ello. This new platform is being referred to by some as the “anti-facebook” because of their aversion to advertisements – naturally I had to check it out.

Ello is currently in Beta, which means you can only join if you are invited ( see below). I was able to obtain an invite from a fellow social media enthusiast (thanks!) I had the opportunity to play around a little- here is what I can tell you.

1.  Ello boasts simplicity, and simple it is. The current features include: friending and following other users, posting pictures, GIFs and text, and liking other people’s posts. That. Is. it. There is nothing up and coming about Ello, in fact most of the appeal is that they are so stripped down. They don’t have a mobile app (although they claim to be developing one). They don’t have cross platform sharing. They don’t have an awesome way to search and catalog topics. You essentially login, post cool stuff, and look at other people’s cool stuff.

2. The layout & design is underwhelming. Like I said, Ello is simple and that can be refreshing. However, the usability is severely lacking. I am used to sites being responsive and intuitive.  I found myself wondering, “how do I even use this site?” Ello is kinda like taking a trip back to 2004, and in 2004 I was wearing bootcut jeans, no one wants to relive that.

3. Ello is not engaging. While exploring this platform I was reminded of why I love social media, because of the community. Social Media is not a new concept -people have been using word of mouth story telling since the beginning of time, the internet just gives us a platform to do this more frequently. But, what happens when none of your peers are there to hear what you have to say? My biggest issue with Ello is that none of peers are on the site. Now granted, this might have to do with it being in Beta and invite only and I am willing to give it another try if it becomes a bigger thing. But, if I am going to take the time to share something I find cool, unique or beautiful, I want to start a conversation about it. You can’t have a conversation with one person.

All in all Ello is a pretty cool concept. If nothing else, they have done a helluva job making a splash on the interwebs these last few weeks. If you want to check out Ello – I have 4 invites left. Let me know if you want to check it out by posting on our Facebook page (ironic I know) or tweeting at us! @CyphersAdAgency – first come first serve.


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