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The Power of Social Media Influencers

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Brianne Palensky

Consumers look to fellow consumers on social media to inform their purchasing decisions. The rise of social media creates many possibilities for brands to make use of influencer marketing, a new form of marketing that is on the rise. This personal approach acts in the same way as word of mouth. 51% of marketers get more sales from influencer marketing because of the trust consumers place in social media influencers! Here are 5 reasons why influencer marketing is the next best thing:

  • Influencer marketing is more organic. It is a person targeting followers, not an algorithm. The content isn’t placed robotically in your news feed, instead it is found on the influencer’s feed. Users are investing their time following these influencers, so they are receiving an ad from someone they essentially want to receive one form.
  • You can still improve SEO. By having high-authority websites linking to you, this will improve your SEO. Most of the time, influencers will also blog about your product or service, linking to your website.
  • You get high-quality leads. Using the right influencers means you will be targeting the right consumers. You will be working with influencers in your niche, so their followers would be more likely to appreciate your products or services. By choosing an influencer whose followers are already interested in your industry makes sure your campaign reaches a relevant audience.
  • You engage with new target markets. Not only will you reach followers who are interested in your industry, but you will also reach followers that could be relevant to your business. Your influencer campaign will reach all followers, meaning you can reach followers that may not know about your brand, but could be interested in it.
  • It builds trust with consumers. Sharing the message through an influencer helps followers trust your brand. By having someone else sharing the benefits, they will trust the influencer’s voice and therefore will trust your brand even more.

Here are a few brands that are taking advantage of influencer marketing:





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