February 2017 Social Media Recap

The month associated with hearts has brought us lots to love in the world of social media. From awesome updates on Instagram to new features on Facebook, there is so much to explore on your favorite apps and sites. Check out some highlights from this month.


Instagram Introduces New Multiple Photos and Videos Feature

Gone are the days where Instagram users have to choose between their best selfies. This past week, Instagram released a new feature that allows user to post multiple photos and videos in one post. Similar to the carousel feature of Facebook, viewers can scroll through photos posted by others with the ease of a swipe.


Facebook Rolls Out Auto-play Sound and Picture-in-Picture view

Everyday there is more video content on Facebook newsfeed. In an attempt to make the user experience even easier, Facebook has released a feature that allows auto-play for sound in videos. Even more user-friendly is the option to minimize a video to picture-in-picture so that you can watch the video and continue to scroll through your news feed.


Facebook Releases New Job Feature of Desktop and Mobile

With each new update, it seems Facebook is cornering a new market. In their latest release, Facebook introduce a new jobs feature in hopes to make the hiring process even easier for companies. The new jobs bookmark will easily store all open positions for users to find and submit their applications.


YouTube launches Super Chat

The end of February marked the release of a new mobile live-streaming feature for all YouTubers with over 10,000 subscribers. The new live-streaming capability has been built directly into the YouTube app to give vloggers the ultimate ease of use and viewers more a more personal video experience with their favorite channel.


Huzza Announces Shutdown

The highly interactive, live-streaming site, Huzza announced earlier this month that they would be shutting down come March 1st, 2017. The shut down of Huzza comes in light of its acquisition by Kickstarter. The purchase was born out of the desire to create a more intimate and personal interaction and thus strengthening Kickstarter as a whole.


Snapchat Introduces QR-style Snapcodes

The new QR-style codes on Snapchat are designed to make Internet browsing even easier. Users can turn links into QR codes that when scanned open the in-app browser. Good news for marketers using snapcodes- analytics will be provided for snapcodes that are scanned more than 100 times. Currently the snapcodes are only available to iPhone users.

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