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Social Media and Recruitment: The Inseparable Couple.

Ah infographics, how we love the way you make facts fun. Today’s fun facts are statistics about how employers use social media as a recruitment tool. It’s no secret that social media can be a great tool for employers and employees alike, but these numbers are downright impressive. 89% of companies will use social media for recruiting in 2011. Also 80% of companies use LinkedIn to find talent. The scariest one, 1 in 3 rejected a candidate based on what they found about the recruit online.

The usual advice about social media conduct is something like this, “Assume figuratively that everything you put online can be seen and will be there forever.” This is meant to discourage you from saying or putting things on your social media that would look negative. I’d take it a step further. Literally make everything you put on your social networks public. Turn off your privacy settings and let everyone in the world come frolic through your profile. Scary thought right? It’ll keep you accountable though! When anyone and their mother (or even more awkwardly, their grandmother) can see those pictures of you in nothing but a sheet toga, with red plastic cups hanging from your ears, you’re going to think twice about posting them. You’ll can thank me later.

See below for the full graphic (via. DR4WARD)

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