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Social Media Recap- October

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Bridget Meyers

In case you got swept up in the excitement of fall and pumpkin spice lattes, we’re bringing you all the latest in social media. Big changes have happened on some of your favorite platforms this month!

Facebook introduces Call-to-action buttons for events and businesses

Recommendations, the new Facebook feature makes it even easier for users to get advice from friends on local places and events. When a user posts a status asking about the best place to get Italian food, they can turn on Recommendations, which will store and map the answers from their friends in one convenient location. Facebook took it a step further by adding buttons that allow you to order food, secure reservations, schedule appointments, and get quotes at your fingertips.

Twitter adds periscope account links to web profiles

This new feature allows users to link their Periscope account to their Twitter bios. The new bio feature component makes it easier for followers to find, follow and watch the user’s videos on Periscope.

Pinterest allows more targeting options for ad campaigns

This new feature allows businesses to create an audience and then retarget based on five specific actions: clicks, comments, saves, likes and close-ups. The most recent update allows businesses to combine the engagement and traffic from their website to the audience they build on Pinterest, which greatly enhances their ability to send content to the perfect audience.

Instagram adds stories to explore tab

The Explore tab on Instagram provides users with new content tailored to their interests from accounts they don’t currently follow. This feature is one of the best ways to find new accounts and stay up-to-date on trending images and videos. This month, Instagram added Stories to the explore tab, featuring content from all across the platform’s global community, picked individually for each user.

LinkedIn offers B2B products and service reviews on the news feed

LinkedIn partnered with G2 Crowd, IT Central Station and TrustRadius to create their new review feature that launched earlier this month. The three online review sites are great sources for information on the latest B2B products. This new feature will allow reviewers to showcase their B2B knowledge while also allowing the brand to promote reviews to spark industry conversation within their LinkedIn groups.


YouTube adds paid promotion disclosure for influencer videos

YouTube is quickly growing as source for consumer information. Thousands of product review videos are available and are even helping to connect brands to consumers. However, YouTube viewers have been expressing their wish that the video creators be more transparent when it comes to paid promotions. In response, they added a new optional feature that adds visible text to the first few seconds of a video, informing the viewer that it includes a paid promotion.

Snapchat removes auto-advance and introduces playlists

This month, Snapchat, removed auto-advance, a mix-reviewed feature that showed each Snapchat story in one. Now, you can once again select the story of your choice to watch individually. Snapchat didn’t stop there; along with story selection, you can now add certain stories to your playlist. Simply tap the story thumbnail of each video you want to want and then hit the play button at the bottom of the screen to watch in a seamless manner!

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