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How to Use Messenger Bots in Marketing

Picture of Brianne Palensky

Brianne Palensky

The Facebook Messenger app has 1 billion monthly users, so the future of marketing looks bright when it comes to chat and messenger bots. Chat bots give marketers the ability to have a one-on-one connection and conversation with each customer to deliver a personalized experience. It’s almost like a personal assistant, but now the customer doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their couch to get the information they need.

Facebook recently opened up Messenger to ad bots, but all interactions with an ad bot must be initiated by the person receiving the messages. If a user doesn’t want to see the content, they can mute or block a brand at any time. Facebook has also set a 24-hour rule for brands, meaning that they must respond to a user in that timeframe.

There are more than 11,000 bots on Facebook Messenger, but these 5 brands stand out among the rest.



This company started in 2010 to make healthcare more accessible. Their mobile app lets users ask questions, share photos, get test results and personalized referrals from real doctors. They have put this service on Facebook Messenger and have made it really easy to ask questions and analyze patient requests.


This chat bot was one of the first on Messenger and the way it works is very simple. Once you click on the bot you have a choice to order flowers or talk to support.


Spring Shopping

This commerce chat bot is almost like a personal shopping assistant. To start the process, the bot asks the customer what he/she is looking for by presenting a list of options. The goal of this bot was to create an experience that would align with the natural behavior of what’s already happening on the website.



You can ask Besure to find you any type of restaurant based on your location. Although they are currently only in Copenhagen and San Francisco, this chat bot is definitely going to expand in the future.


Whole Foods

This chat bot functions as a “virtual chef” who can create a recipe though emojis or keywords. Users can search a database of recipes by typing a word, selecting a cuisine and adding an emoji. Users can also select keywords for special diets!

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