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Social Media Recap- November

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Bridget Meyers

As the seasons change so are your favorite social media apps! Here’s the lowdown on all the latest tweaks, changes and updates from November!

Twitter Releases Quick Replies and Welcome Messages in DMs

Twitter’s new features are making the life of business accounts much easier with quick replies and welcome messages in DMs (direct messages). These features were designed with the goal of creating responsive and thorough experiences that speed up and simplify the work of customer service teams.

Snapchat Adds New World Lenses and Rewind for Stories

Snapchat recently released World Lenses with their most recent update. Instead of adding props to your selfies, now you can add to your surroundings. The new lenses including images such as a sleepy cloud can be applied the same way you apply selfie lenses. The app also added a rewind feature to stories so now you don’t have to go back and re-watch a story to find the snap you were looking for.

LinkedIn Introduces New Salary Feature

Now you can skip the awkward and usually off-limits salary talk thanks to LinkedIn’s latest feature. The LinkedIn Salary is designed to help individuals make better and more informed career decisions. The feature gets this information from its huge network of professionals. Salary information includes bonuses, equity data for specific job titles and the various factors that impact pay.

Instagram Adds Boomerang, Mention Tags and Links to Stories

Instagram rolled out a few new Stories features this month, the first of which is Boomerang. Now users can swipe right from their feed to open to the stories camera and select Boomerang for their video. Stories got even better with the mention feature. Not only can you tag someone in your story, but they also get a notification of your post. The final new feature is great for advertisers in that you can now add ‘see more’ links to your story so all viewers have to do is click and they’re taken to your site.

Facebook Introduces News Feed Ads that Re-engage in Messenger

News feed ads are now being used as part of advertisers’ campaigns to drive conversation and conversion. In a recent campaign, Absolut used news feed ads to drive product samples by directing the user to messenger where they acted on the call-to-conversation leading to a conversion.

Periscope Introduces New Ways to Connect

Periscope introduced three new ways to connect with your audience: “Superfans,” “Groups” and “Hearts and Comments”. The first of the categories, Superfans, brings up a list of the ten people who are engaging most with your video. This new feature allows you to gain more information on your viewers, which helps create more Groups that will allow you to share videos with close friend groups, coworkers, or any other type of group you wanted. Now everyone can stay in the loop together. The latest update to allows users to login in and join an audience. Once you’re logged in as a member of the audience you will be able to comment and send hearts during any live video.

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