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The Power of Interactive Content Online

Picture of Kellie Elmerraji

Kellie Elmerraji

“You can sell to someone, or you can help someone and create a customer for life.” – Jay Baer

Jay is spot-on. When it comes to gaining and retaining a customer, it is not enough to throw boring content at someone and hope they respond. Instead, brands should attempt to create interactive content. Especially because it can:

  • Enhance the user experience
    • Interactive content is designed to be entertaining, enjoyable, engaging, and most importantly, subtle. Since users won’t feel like they are being solicited, they are less likely to get annoyed and leave the website or social page.
  • Improve shareability
    • Because the user experience is a more positive one, consumers are more likely to share with friends. According to Demand Metric, interactive content is 120% more effective at being shared, compared to passive content.
  • Provide additional metrics
    • Instead of just measuring CTR, brands can measure comments, likes, shares and completion rates if it is an activity or quiz. All of this data will give marketers more insight into how their customers are behaving and the best ways to reach them in the future.
  • Help break through the noise
    • Now, more than ever, there’s a fierce competition to gain the attention of consumers online. A lot of brands are posting passive content – blogs, whitepapers, etc. But if a brand can think outside of the box, the chances of standing out among competitors are very high.
  • Increase website traffic
    • If the content published on a site is engaging, useful and informative to the end-user, then the site will receive an enormous amount of traffic. With that increase in traffic, studies have shown an increase in conversion rates and revenue on the site. In a blog post by Jeff Bullas, he mentioned a study conducted by Aberdeen that shows how companies have increased their conversion rates by more than five times by focusing on content marketing.

Now that the benefits of creating interactive content are clear, how are brands implementing this strategy successfully?

Interactive white papers:

Interactive content - white paperI



interactive content - infographic




Interactive content - games



interactive content - quiz

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