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Social Media in the News – January

It’s the new year and social media networks have wasted no time moving full steam ahead. New partnerships have been introduced, apps have launched and additional capabilities have been made available for users to take advantage of in 2016. Here’s some major updates that have been announced in January:

Facebook’s New Like Buttons are Coming – The “Like” button is getting an upgrade. Although it won’t be the “Dislike” button users have really wanted, it will have options – love, haha, wow, sad and angry – that users can use in addition to “Like.” These new features may not be noticeable right away. On mobile, they’ll be hidden within the “Like” button.

GoPro & Periscope Partnership – Owners of GoPro HERO4 Black or HERO4 Silver can now use Periscope’s iOS app to broadcast their video, although the footage can be streamed by any Periscope user.

The Rise and Fall of Peach – In just a few short weeks, there was an explosive rise and then sudden demise of Peach, an app designed to share random thoughts and GIFs. Initially, users described it as “fun,” but shortly thereafter, the app couldn’t hold people’s attention. Peach completed the hype cycle in less than a week.

WhatsApp is Now Free! – Good news for consumers, bad news for businesses. The world’s most popular messaging service is dropping its $1 a year subscription fee for consumers to experiment with making businesses pay to send notifications to consumers.

Facebook’s Sport Stadium – Root for your favorite sports team with friends and talk trash with rival fans during major sports events. Sports Stadium will be a place where you can get live scores and updates, swap game commentary and read posts from expert outsiders like teams and journalists.

Preparing for the “New” Twitter – Although it is still just speculation, many sources are saying that Twitter is going to expand its character count to 10,000. They say that a user’s timeline will still only display only 140 characters, but users will have the option of clicking to see more content.

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