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New Facebook Ad Manager Looks Promising

Recently, Facebook has been busy rolling out new features of its advertising platform. It first started with the addition of new types of Facebook ads, and now the social networking site is releasing a newer version of the ad manager. We’ve become accustomed to constant changes from Facebook, but this time, these changes seem to be in the favor of marketers.

Changes to Facebook Ad Manager

Three main changes will be made when ad manager alterations roll out to all users on May 25, 2011. The first change improves performance graphs (A). In other words, graphs shown to marketers are simplified and easier to understand. You’ll be shown how many people your ad has been exposed to out of your proposed target audience, and how many of those people are social connections (clicks on ads that were shown with the names of the ad viewer’s Facebook connections who have liked a page, an ad, etc.).

The second change improves ad measurements (B). These new metrics will focus more on the audience and how they responded to your ad. The best part of this? Data is now updated in realtime, allowing for quick and timely changes to any ads that might not be doing so well.

The third major change allows for better ad viewing: inline ad management (C). If you are anything like us, and are in your ad manager several times a day, you feel the pain of having to navigate back and forth between pages. Problem gone! You can see all necessary information, make changes, and toggle between graphs, all within one easy window.

Facebook has also added new methods of tracking success. These include things like reach, social reach, frequency, and connections made. Read more about the changes that Facebook has made in the PDF they released. May 25 is coming soon, you best be prepared!

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