Following Facebook’s 20% Rule

Facebook ad rules grid toolAs we now know, Facebook advertising is essential for maximum impressions and engagement. We have spent the last year tweaking our strategies and ad budgets to accommodate paid posts. But, one of the biggest challenges we have faced in Facebook advertising has to be the 20% text rule.

Facebook has a rule that no image with 20% or more text can be promoted. The idea behind this is to deter brands from making obvious advertisements and paying to post them in people’s news feeds. I gotta say, in theory I think this is a great rule. As a consumer, I  don’t want to be bombarded with obvious ads all of the time either. But, as a marketer this is a hard rule to follow. In fact, its downright terrible.

20% is just not that much space, especially when you’re trying to grab the attention of your consumer and sell them a message before they move on to the next post. At first it was a real challenge to rethink the way we designed images for social. It used to be the image said it all, now the image needs to be more meaningful without really saying much.

Luckily for us, Facebook has created a handy dandy 20% text tool. Check it out here for yourself. And, the next time you see an image from your favorite brand, stop and check out how much text it contains!

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