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Five Reasons to Hire an Agency for Digital Management

Picture of Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

Ali Maruca, Social Media Coordinator

online-marketing-blog-picWith the influence of social media growing rapidly, more and more business leaders are seeing the importance of creating and maintaining a presence on the plethora of social platforms. Social media marketing allows brands to interact with consumers in a completely different way than ever before. We have clients who come to us with other marketing needs but maintain their social media management in-house. While we understand it may be more economical for businesses to make these decisions, we strongly advise against this and recommend that you hire an agency {preferably us!} to manage your social media. Here’s why:


  1. Research. Conducting a significant amount of leg work and research is necessary in order to build a convincing and effective strategy. As an agency, we dive deep into our projects and do the necessary research to ensure we do the very best work we can for you and your brand.
  2. Strategy. Everything we do has an underlying strategy. At The Cyphers Agency, it’s what we do best. Rather than just posting goofy pictures on Facebook or re-tweeting articles we find on Twitter, each action plays a role, no matter how small, in a larger, overall marketing strategy.
  3. Integration. Many times, social media is an after-thought. People think it’s just an online space where teens and young adults hang out to connect with other users. That assumption is so far from the truth, that if your social media does stand alone, you’re killing your brand. With your larger marketing strategy in mind, we seamlessly integrate each element of your social media presence with the larger strategy to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing and advertising campaigns.
  4. Crisis Communication. Having a crisis communication plan is critical for any brand with an established social media presence. There will inevitably be unhappy customers and the situation can turn sour pretty quickly if not handled properly. As professionals, we create plans for when these situations occur, kick into auto-pilot and work to diffuse negative situations, in turn keeping bad press and attention away so you can keep your doors open.
  5. Professional. At our agency, we are writers, creators, designers and artists and we’re pretty darn good at our jobs. Whether it’s designing a website, developing strategic content, or developing an online ad, we are skilled and trained in this profession. You wouldn’t hire someone off the street to rewire the electrical system in your office, right? So don’t hire someone to do the same for your social media.

While you may think that your marketing and advertising are things you can handle on your own, it is so crucial to have an agency help you. It alleviates the pressure and stress placed on you and your staff and it allows professionals to do an awesome job that will, in the long run, create more revenue for you. And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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