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Facebook Retargeting: A Love Story

I’ll be honest I am a total marketing nerd. I absolutely love it when I am sitting at my desk perusing the Internet and I am served a perfectly timed ad. One that I can’t even help but click on. It brings me joy knowing that someone, somewhere targeted that ad especially to me. And by clicking on it I am making them squeal with nerdy joy.

Just the other day, I was researching doggie daycares for my furry friend. I wasn’t finding anything that I liked and I was prepared to give up. Well then, as fate would have it, I was surfing Facebook and BOOM, was served to me. It was everything I wanted, in home dog watching, in my area, in my price range. I had died and gone to retargeting heaven. I clicked, called, and booked the same day.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

Retargeting through Facebook, as you can see is very effective. Although some people find it invasive, I personally love the technology that allows brands to reach their exact  audience. You can now create retargeted ads using 3rd party platforms that serve ads when a cookie shows your consumers have looked at it. This takes Facebook advertising to a whole new level and allows you to customize your campaigns.

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