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Droppin’ Dropps: Location-Based Marketing Is Coming

Picture of Kyle Sacks, Social Media Coordinator

Kyle Sacks, Social Media Coordinator


An app was recetly released for the iPhone called Dropp (yes, another start up with repeated letter in the name). The app lets you leave “dropps”, or small messages, anywhere in the world. That’s right, the world. The app displays Google maps and lets you drag a location pin anywhere on the planet you want and then attach a written message or photo. When someone else with Dropp installed on their phone gets close enough to where you left your dropp, they get a message on their phone that says, “You unlocked a new Dropp!” You can then view the message or picture from your phone (the picture on the right is the dropp you’ll see if you ever come visit us, which you should). The website suggests using Dropp to:

– Give a friend a virtual tour of a city you’ve been to on the other side of the world by leaving dropps in places you know they’ll visit.

– Leave a romantic note in an unexpected place.
– Recommend a menu item for a friend when they visit your favorite restaurant.
– Leave notes for yourself around town.
– Leave a reminder for your significant other at the grocery store to pick up the milk!
– Scavenger hunts!

Cool huh? And of course, the possibilities for word of mouth marketing are pretty obvious. Leave a Dropp by big malls encouraging people when they walk in to try out your product or offering a promotion. Tweet from your brand account that there is a dropp somewhere with a special prize for the person to find it. This could be a great way to interact with consumers… or it could be very annoying. I don’t want my phone to blow up with 100 messages every time I go to the mall. As location and recognition type technologies get more prevalent we’re going to have to find a balance, a clear case of not always doing something simply because we can.

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