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infographics: everything you ever wanted to know

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Kellie Elmerraji

Infographics… you know they are popular, but why? Well, here’s the deal:

  • Only 20% of text is remembered.
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Color images increase willingness to read by 80%.

If you want your content to be read and remembered by your target audience, creating a visual representation of the information is key. However, infographics are not applicable to every situation. It is best to create them when you are:

  • Covering a complex topic
  • Pushing out a data-heavy message
  • Trying to stand out in media relations

When you decide that an infographic is going to be the best way to disseminate your message, it is important to remember what makes a good infographic and make sure you incorporate:

Infographic chart

  • Data – reliable, timely content
    • Make sure you source properly, use short concise facts and prioritize your most important content to really dramatize the message.
    • Avoid long paragraphs, add boring charts and graphs or overload the infographic with content.
  • Design – theme, color, fonts, readability
    • Ensure that it is readable, use callouts to visualize important facts and try to think outside of the box for layout. As long as the reader can follow where you are taking them, it can work!
    • Don’t use clashing colors or overcrowd the infographic with too much information.
  • Story – problem, clever message, solution
    • Stick to the message, incorporate brand elements so readers know who created the infographic and create a call-to-action to your website, landing page, etc.
    • Try not to say too much with one image, include every piece of research or confuse the reader with data gaps.
  • Shareability – virality, SEO, location, social, sharing
    • Create a preview image, make the infographic embeddable and incorporate SEO techniques to increase readership.
    • Steer clear of slow-loading images because they can kill virality. Also, try to create different ways to use the infographic to prolong its shelf life.

To show you what we mean, here are some examples:


The Good
ABYC_9077_infograph v5
The Bad
bad infographic
The Ugly

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