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5 Things to Remember When Sharing Visual Content

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Anna Forbes

All too often in the marketing world, amazing creative work goes unnoticed because it’s not executed properly on the back end – once you’ve created an amazing image you have to push it out properly. To wrap up our series on interactive visual content, we’ll give you some guidance on the best way to leverage the heck out of your images. In case you missed it, our blog series started with the fundamentals of interaction visual content creation and then we covered everything you ever wanted to know about infographics.

So once you’ve created your image, you’ve got to push it out. Keep in mind visual content is 40X more like to be shared on social media than other types of content. So our mission is to leverage as much organic and viral exposure as possible. Here are five things to focus on.

1. Start with the basics on social mediaTwitter

  • Twitter
    • Don’t limit yourself to one post, frequency is your friend
    • Schedule tweets from main points on the infographic
    • Always use relevant, searchable hashtags
    • Include an [INFOGRAPHIC] label in your tweets
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
    • Use a preview image instead of entire infographic image
    • Send users to your website to see full infographic
    • Boost your posts on Facebook to maximize your exposure
  • Pinterest
    • Always use hashtags and include a keyword-centric description
    • Pin to relevant group boards to create exposure and encourage re-pins.
    • If you’re sharing an infographic consider creating a new board for the topic and include the larger version of the full infographic with smaller images that focus in on different points in the infographic.


2. Don’t forget your digital properties

Of course, you don’t want to forget about your own digital properties. You’d be surprised how many people don’t leverage their own email lists, website and blogs to showcase visual content and infographics. It should be a no brainer, not to mention you get the benefit of great search engine optimization value.

3Don’t slack on traditional outreach

Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your visuals or infographics are, you cannot simply put them out there and expect people to pay attention. You still need to execute a traditional outreach strategy. Reach out to bloggers, social media influencers and reporters to help you spread the word!

4. Submit to Directories

If you’re sharing infographics, don’t forget to submit them to directories for additional exposure and SEO value. Here are some of our favorites:

Mobile5. Adjust for Mobile

Don’t forget to make some adjustments for mobile platforms. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re sharing content on mobile:

  • Format – Anything 640 pixels and below is generally safe.
  • Design – Focus on one thing at a time. it’s one headline and one supporting image, anything more won’t show well.
  • Layout – Think in terms of top to bottom vs. left to right.




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