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100 Ways to Measure Social Media Success

Social Media ROIDuring my daily morning Internet perusal, I came across a list of 100 ways that companies can measure social media. One. Hundred. Ways. Holy schnikies.

Since we are always trying to convey the importance of metrics and ROI of word of mouth marketing, I did a little dance (something of a shimmy, mixed with some hair tossing and a quick head nod) to celebrate my discovery of this wonderful list. I even added the number “100” into my win column for today. So what if the post I found was from 2009? I understand that this makes my “100 wins” more like “99 wins,” but the best posts have longevity, right?

Since it was first posted, I can almost guarantee that this list has grown, but these 100 are a great way to get started. I’ve included some below. These are the ones we leverage most often. I can only encourage you to go read the entire article and put it into the framework of your company, clients, or marketing objectives.

  1. Amount of buzz generated
  2. Growth rate of fans, followers, and friends
  3. Site Traffic / Page Views
  4. Increase in searches due to social activity
  5. Shift in sentiment before, during, and after social marketing programs
  6. Clicks
  7. Number of interactions
  8. User generated content created that can be used by marketer in other channels
  9. Volume of customer feedback generated
  10. Impact on sales (online OR offline)
  11. Leads generated
  12. Products sampled

Via Media Post | Social Media Insider.

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