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10 Things That Crossed My Mind During Today’s Apple Keynote

I love Apple, always have, always will. I got my first Apple product in 2004 when they came out with the iPod Mini. It was green, and it was glorious. From there I have owned a 5th Generation iPod, iPod shuffle, iPhone4, 2nd Generation iPad, a white (but man did I want black) Macbook, a Macbook pro, a Macbook Air and finally an iPhone5s. I know this seems a little overboard, but I am truly a brand loyalist.

Needless to say, I was PRETTY excited for today’s iPhone6 release. I set up my Macbook , and my iMac and awaited the magnificent announcement. Here are 10 thoughts I had during the Apple live stream.

getting ready for apple live
Locked and Loaded
  1. Live streams never work. It doesn’t matter if you are the ruler of the universe or Apple (they might be the same).
  2. Why is there a woman speaking in Chinese?
  3. Wait, where did the woman speaking Chinese go?
  4. I wish that my phone was 50 times faster than it is.
  5. Whoever is doing Chili’s Twitter is hilarious.
  6. Seriously, WHY can’t Apple make this live stream work?
  7. Do I want the iPhone6 or the iPhone6 plus?!
  8. I like saying VoLTE out loud.
  9. If Paypal is going to implode, I need to drop everything and sign up for Apple Pay ASAP (see I knew Apple ruled the universe).
  10. I need an iPhone6, immediately.

Bonus: I still don’t care about the Apple Watch, but I am glad they aren’t calling it an iWatch.

To learn more about the iPhone6, the Apple Watch, and today’s keynote go here.

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