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Tips for repurposing your video content across social media 

Screenshot of an Instagram post from Capital Bank Home Loans showcasing video content.

In a world revolving around social media and the demand for 24/7 content, it may seem like the moment you post something, it’s onto the next. For many brands looking to stop their audience mid-scroll, this era of social media can seem as if each piece of content is accompanied by a short shelf life and must abide by some one-time use policy before it’s overserved. Despite this idea, the use of content is ever-changing, individual, and can be repurposed in various ways, so that your audience can engage with something new each time. When you have something as valuable as video in a time when it’s in high demand amongst users, one singular post doesn’t have to feel like it’s reached the maximum potential. Here are four tips on repurposing video content across your social media platforms! 

Choose engaging parts for short-form videos. 

As video has become the preferred way of consumption due to the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, so has the need for short-form content that can be covered in under 60-seconds. Consider trimming your video into various individual clips with some key takeaways that could create their own unique conversations. This is a great way to build up a content bank in a similar form that can continue to keep your audience engaged. For these clips, consider posting them as a series or utilizing Instagram Reels to gain more traction. 

Boost the video as a new ad campaign. 

With the video made and perfected, you’ve already done all the hard work. The best thing about videos is that they can be a great way to highlight your brand, value proposition, and even act as a level of quality assurance, which is why it’s essential to make sure they reach more than your existing followers. With large platforms like Instagram and Facebook at your disposal, consider a follower or brand awareness ad campaign to boost engagement and reach an extended audience with either the full video or some of your favorite parts that highlight the brand best. Depending on which clips you feel are most effective, you can continue to run these campaigns throughout an extended period and repurpose the video in a way that will deliver more exposure than the original post. 

Convert the video into a blog post. 

As we’ve discussed, video has clearly proven to hold significant power in terms of engagement, but blogs still hold up as a strong contender to this day. If you’re looking to build up your website or LinkedIn page as a valued resource for industry insights, consider converting the video into a concise blog post. As videos tend to be longer, a blog will allow you to take away the key points while keeping it short, relevant, and useful. Many online tools can even do all the work for you, like Rev or Happyscribe’s text-to-speech services. After you post the blog, consider linking it in the bio of your socials or in an Instagram Story and encourage your followers to check it out. 

Craft some relevant infographics from the video. 

With the ability to offer various levels of information in one place, infographics are a great and popular option to get your message across without compromising on effectiveness. Given how easy they are to consume, an infographic can take any data, trends, or relevant info from the video and turn it into a visually appealing format, much like the idea of short-form content. Infographics also serve as a unique way to highlight your distinctive branding with color palettes and graphics using sites like Canva or Venngage

With the ever-changing world of social media and user preferences, it’s essential to continue finding ways to serve your most valuable content in a variety of engaging tactics. Whether it’s a new blog post or a 15-second ad campaign, allow your video content to live beyond just one post. 

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