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Teen Uses Web for Tuition Help

Michigan high school student, Rachel Harris, recently launched her website, in an effort to raise enough money to attend the University of Notre Dame. Her grades are there, she’s got the recommendations and all other qualifications, but the only thing holding her back is the $40,000+ tuition to attend and she has turned to the web for help.

Inspired by the Obama campaign’s use of the Internet to affect change, Rachel hopes that her website will attract people that will help her cause. In her own words:

“Currently I am a senior at Reeths Puffer High School in Muskegon, Michigan. I plan on attending the University of Notre Dame in the fall, to study Biomolecular Engineering, with the ultimate goal of attending medical school and becoming a pediatric endocrinologist. I want to do this because I am a type 1 diabetic, and I want to help children who are going through what I have been through.”

On her site you’ll find her transcripts, letters of recommendation, her application and essay, a bio and details of her academic achievements. Here’s how you can help.

The way in which we use the web and communication is changing. How do you use the web to achieve your goals? If you need help determining successful ways to do that, we here at The Cyphers Agency would love to hear from you.

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