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Sharpie Social Media

Facebook Inspiration: Sharpie

This week I’m loving Sharpie’s Facebook page. Maybe I am just biased, considering there is little more that I love than a nice, fresh, inky black Sharpie. But that aside, here’s the positive and negative of what Sharpie’s social media team is doing.

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Facebook Logout Ads Too Expensive for Small Businesses

Facebook wants $710,000 a day for logout ads. Yep, more than half a million sweet hard-earned American dollars. For small businesses, that’s pretty much $709,800 dollars more most people are probably willing to pay. But I guess if you’re Ford Motor Company, it’s no big thing.

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facebook content ideas

5 Quick(ish) Tips for Better Facebook Content

Since a majority of our clients are active on the ‘Book, we’re pretty familiar with what people love, hate, and share with their friends. We’re also pretty familiar with what doesn’t work. So without further ado here are 5 Quick(ish) Tips for Better Facebook Content.

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Spotify Goes Facebook

A few days ago, many people were surprised when their news feeds became inundated with what their friends were listening to on Spotify, a streaming music service. Spotify changed their login system to use Facebook and added the ability to have your music piped to your Facebook wall. Now unless you already had a Spotify account, you can only sign up for Spotify with your Facebook credentials. Meaning, no Facebook account, no Spotify. I find this interesting.

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Facebook Sweeps Nielsen Social Media Report

When you think of Nielsen Media Research, TV viewership and ratings might be what comes to mind first. But the company recently took a look at social media usage among Americans, with some pretty interesting findings. If you have to ask why the firm is paying attention to our behaviors on social networks, just look at what they gathered.

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The Dollar Value of a Facebook Fan

Social Media ROI: The Dollar Value of a Facebook Fan

There’s a certain term in the social media lexicon that I really don’t like. It’s not the meaning or even the use that I have an issue with. It’s the way it’s used. Overused. Thrown around. Thrown in when one is coming up dry. This word works as a shield for many folks in our industry – “Hey, what I do has value to you. Here’s an acronym we can use when I am trying to convince you of this, and the important-sounding-ness of it will put both of us at ease.”

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Another photo sharing app. Here’s why you should care.

One of the fastest growing trends in the social world is photo sharing. With the proliferation of smart phones, apps that are dedicated to sharing photos across multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are becoming all the rage. Techcrunch just released information about a new photo sharing iPhone app in development. “Cool, throw it on the pile,” should have been my response. So what’s the catch on this one that is making me stop and write about it? It’s from Facebook.

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How To Deal With Negative Facebook Posts

Facebook Moderation Isn’t Just About Customer Service

Just last week, we tweeted a pretty sweet blog post from AllFacebook about “How To Manage A Facebook Wall In Any Situation.” It was chock full of great tips boiled down from BuddyMedia’s Facebook moderation 101 report. Some of my favorites: Address each poster by name. Use language that reinforces positive feelings about your brand. Don’t be afraid to apologize and be honest.

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Changes to Facebook Ad Manager

New Facebook Ad Manager Looks Promising

Recently, Facebook has been busy rolling out new features of its advertising platform. It first started with the addition of new types of Facebook ads, and now the social networking site is releasing a newer version of the ad manager. We’ve become accustomed to constant changes from Facebook, but this time, these changes seem to be in the favor of marketers.

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