Whitepaper on Social Media and Word of Mouth

Here’s our take on Social Media and Word of Mouth, taken straight from our whitepaper. If you’d like to talk more about either subject and how you can use them for your brand, feel free to drop us a line.

Word of mouth (WOM) is nothing new. It has been around for centuries, millennia even. An act of WOM is simply the transmission of communication from one per-son to another. WOM even exists among insects that use chemicals called pheromones, as well as special movements and behaviors to communicate. The point is that WOM exists naturally without the work of marketers. Our job as WOM marketers is to harness the power of conversation by giving consumers something to talk about, and with the use of social media, provide them with the tools to spread your word.

We truly are living in a time of change. Social media signifies an enormous shift in the way people communicate with one another. This is especially valuable for brands as it provides yet another way for companies to reach current and potential consumers in a changing market. Where more traditional forms of advertising have become overcrowded and congested, early adopters of social media have been able to reach their audience to degrees which they previously could not have imagined.

So what is social media, you ask? Simply put, social media is any platform in which someone with an
Internet connection can communicate a message in a public forum. Take for example, blogs, forums, social networks, review sites, video and file sharing services, and virtual worlds, just to name a few.

Using social media tools to reach consumers will allow you to speak directly with them, and create a stronger relationship. This is the type of communication that can turn current and potential customers into life-long brand loyalists, ensuring that your brand is on the minds and in the vocabulary of your greatest asset, happy customers.

What’s most appealing to marketers is that the cost of running a WOM campaign is significantly less than any traditional media campaign but can reach the same amount of consumers, if not more, in new and exciting ways. Additionally, the ability to effectively measure the impact of such campaigns and make adjustments (if necessary to maximize its potential) makes WOM one of the most valuable resources available to marketers today.

How we do it…

Once we’ve identified the brand-specific strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, we can make recommendations and develop a strategy that will deliver the best possible results and make the most impact for your brand.

This is where you engage your community on social networks, social bookmarking sites and forums.
Here’s when you run your contest, send product to bloggers, push your content.

By keeping tabs on the accomplishments of your evangelists, observing the changes in web site traffic and conversions, and evaluating impressions, comments, volume of participation, etc., we’ll be able to quantify the value of our efforts.

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