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Social Media Recap- May

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Bridget Meyers

Summer is finally here and so are some pretty great advances in our favorite social media apps. Check out all the changes you can enjoy!

Instagram Releases Location Stories and Hashtag Stories on Explore



Instagram’s new Explore feature allows users to see what is happening around them and better find things they are interested in. The new location stories are indicated by “map pin” and can be found at the top with the rest of the suggested stories. To further discover your interests in Instagram, they added the ability to hashtag stories. This can help users and brands alike better reach their intended audiences.


Twitter test new way to reach consumers with Direct Message Cards


Twitter’s latest release is furthering their goal to drive more users to direct messaging. The reason behind it is really for those that use Twitter Advertising, such as promoted tweets. Patron is one of the major brands spearheading this new campaign with their “Bot-tender.” In their case, they are using the direct cards to get users to click on a situation that would then bring them to a direct message with the brand. The overall goal is to create more meaningful and long-lasting relationships between the brand and consumer.

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Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Test Cross-App Notifications


In Facebook’s latest venture to be the host for all things social media, they have announced the trial run of their cross-app notifications. The new feature would include notifications from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, hopefully making the user experience easier. Right now the feature is in its early stages and is being tested on a small group, but it does show promising improvements for marketers who have to check social media apps regularly.


Pinterest Brings Visual Search Technology to Ads


Earlier this year, Pinterest introduced three visual discovery tools – Shop the Look, Instant Ideas and Lens Beta. Now, they are using that same technology, but applying it to Promoted Pins. In a month, pinners will perform over 250 million visual search. Each of those was a missed opportunity of connecting with likeminded pinners. The new technology will identify which objects people are search with and allow the platform to more apply display relevant ads.


Snapchat Rolls Out New Tools


Snapchat fans will be thrilled with the app’s (?) new ability to set the snap time to infinity! The new feature will allow senders to allow recipients an unlimited amount of views of the snap. Other new additions include a Magic Eraser tool and Loop. The Loop feature will allow you to choose if your snap plays through once or goes on until the viewer taps to show the next one.

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