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Social Media Recap- March

Picture of Bridget Meyers

Bridget Meyers

Spring is here and so are some pretty amazing updates from a variety of apps. Check out some of the best social media highlights from this month.

LinkedIn Introduces Trending Storylines

The new feature on LinkedIn, “Trending Storylines” was created to bring you the most relevant and interesting content first. Based on your prior searches, your newsfeed will now show the stories you would likely be interested in the most. LinkedIn is the latest social media platform to switch to an algorithmic timeline, joining the ranks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook Brings Out New Way to Optimize Ads

If you are familiar with Facebook Ads, you understand that sometimes the choice of which copy to use is risky. The question of which one will do better for your audience is constantly nagging you. Facebook is working to help marketers with that question with their new split testing. Split testing will help marketers making the most of their budgets by allowing them to push an ad to the audience that will respond to it best.

Instagram Introduces Blurred Out Photos for Sensitive Content

Instagram took a step this month to make their digital community safer for the masses. In their new update, content that has been marked as sensitive by another user will then have a blurred out cover placed over top notifying viewers it is sensitive content. If a viewer would like to see the image, all they have to do is tap the photo to un-blur it.

Alexa is now on the Amazon App

Amazon released Alexa for their mobile app in early March. Now, users can ask Alexa to shop, search, re-order, track orders, play music, play Kindle books, etc. Users of the app now have the ease and efficiency of their Echos or Dots within their hands and on the go.

Twitch Introduces Pulse

Twitch, a video streaming app, introduced a new feature this month. Pulse, is the name given to the new feed where Twitch users can post and engage with followers as well as the community of streamers on the app. The new feature is set to be the go-to source for sharing clips, news, images, etc. in real time so that followers are constantly receiving updates.



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